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( READING Purchases ARE NON REFUNDABLE ACTIVE 8/3/2020 for ANY REASON.  Once readings dates are chosen and booked  they can ONLY BE RESCHEDULED FOR ONCE. )
Bonjour ,
Queen Co.Meadows; The Hoodoo Queen of the Spiritual Imperial Court and Lineage of Miliner-Meadows Des La Pound, welcomes you to join her for a, Spiritual Reading or Consultation. As an Inherently-Anointed Spiritual Medium and Psychic  she heavily gifted with her abilities in speaking to loved ones that have crossed over into the ancestral realm or acquire visions to provide messages of healing,closure, guidance and warning. With this natural ability no spiritual divining tools are needed.
The messages can generally be related in matters of love, finances, family or direct questions that one may be concerned with.
Queen Co.Meadows though a Natural Spiritual Medium and Psychic she also provide the ability to use an array of divining tools . Divining tools are tools that can be found in many different cultures and ethnic groups.  There are two types of Reading that are Provided
  • Spiritual Consultation / Reading (By Phone or Zoom) These reading may be through Mediumship, In Person Bone Reading , In Person Tea Reading  or Cards depending on the matter the client is calling for.
  •  Rootwork or Conjure Consultation.This consultation provides spiritual solutions  “work” to mundane problems. Therefore there is no need to read the issue because the issues are clear but this consultation gives us an outlook into what we face moving forward in the spiritual or conjuration need.


Thank you for Trusting Queen Co.Meadows as your Spiritual Advisor, Psychic-Medium and Rootworker




27 reviews for Spiritual Readings & Consultations with Queen Cotaliya de la Livre

  1. Nicole Adams (verified owner)

    An excellent experience from beginning to end. I had the pleasure of receiving an accurate and authentic reading from Queen Co herself. Lady Tess and Arson are awesome additions to Conjure South. The environment is one of support and respect for all practices.

  2. Kimberly Jones

    I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Queen Co. She was very much on point, and she told me exactly what I needed to do that day as it related to a crucial legal matter. It was very simple and affordable. I did it the day before things were suppose to take place. And I kept the faith that her works wood give me the desired results! I am writing this review to say YES!!!! I got exactly what I wanted. I’m so blessed to have come across her!! She is the real deal!!!!

  3. Denise S (verified owner)

    After having a life-changing time at the 2020 Conjure Fete, I recently booked a reading with Queen Co.Meadow that was yet another blessing. Although I came in with what i thought were pretty vast questions, the words of Queen gave me direction and answered questions I had but hadn’t fully expressed to myself. After my reading, I sat with myself and my thoughts for several hours to absorb and to really listen to what I had been told. And, for the first time, I felt like I could really feel a sense of direction and peace. For anyone that is tossing around the “should I or shouldn’t I” with scheduling a reading with Queen Co.Meadow, DO IT!! By all means, receive your message and your blessing for your spirit. And don’t miss the 2021 Conjure Fete!! Merci mille fois, Reine!!

  4. hotnakota2194 (verified owner)

    I got a reading from Queen today and what she said has changed my life for ever she told me things no one else knew and even gave me insight from my ancestors she is the real deal if you have second guessed yourself on getting a reading don’t second guess yourself just go for it and see what spirit has to say to you

  5. Kayla94 (verified owner)

    After feeling all out sorts with my life, I recently had the pleasure of having a reading with Queen. If you are wondering if this is something you should do, go for it! It was truly an insightful, fulfilling experience. She speaks the TRUTH, a lot of people can’t handle that. I suggest going in with an open mind, heart, and most importantly open ears! I gained insight about what’s happening around me and what is to come. Some things I expected, and some blew me away. Queen, thank you so much and I will see you so for another reading!

  6. Niya Jefferson (verified owner)

    I spoke with Queen earlier today and it was the validation that I needed to get everything in my life moving. Not only did she know without me saying much, she made sure to educate and explain the things she was saying. She gave me excellent life advice and I’m so grateful for that. I’m certainly not a person who is easily moved by people but there’s something about Queen that is just everything! Her spirit calms you and guides you and it’s so necessary. She helped me with more than she’ll ever know or even understand probably. And she told the truth, read after read and I loved every minute because she’s honest and genuine. I could tell she truly wanted what was best for me. I’m going to change a lot after today and I’m going to book her again and again. If you’re anything like me, and you feel lost or stagnant, book her. Queen will put the stamp on it and she’ll make you feel empowered in it. Thank you Queen!

  7. Maiken

    She’s always spot on !!!

  8. VAdams

    Queen is the real deal and she brings the results you seek

  9. Shereka (verified owner)

    I had a 30 min reading with Queen and baby it was EVERYTHING! It was just like catching up with an old friend ❤️…If you are on the fence about booking a reading Go ahead and do it! You won’t regret it

  10. Sheila (verified owner)

    I just had a reading today and me and my mom are still shocked. Smh she told me things nooooooooo one would know. I’m still trying to pick my face off the floor. She’s the truth, and I’m definitely not going anywhere else and I’m recommending everyone I know, if I could give her 10 stars I would. Thank you for the reading today, you really bought a lot of things that were done in the dark into the light.

  11. Akia (verified owner)

    Queen Co. Meadows is the truth!!! She was able to tell me which ancestors were there for me and how they were related to me. Queen knew things that I didn’t tell anyone. Not only does she tune in to your ancestors to learn about you but she also comes to you with a modern day wisdom that has been lost to today’s youth. Just as you watch her videos you are comfortable, I had a video reading with her and her beauty shines from the inside out. Queen is genuine and there to help you not to make money. If you are in doubt, just purchase one reading and i promise you, you will not regret it and just like me you will become a lifetime customer.
    Queen you are amazingly beautiful and it shines from the inside out. You instantly make people feel comfortable because your not there for selfish reasons. As you say it is our lives not yours… you are there to help us better ourselves it is just up to us if we choose to receive the help.
    Queen Co. Meadows, i genuinely thank you and i look forward to our next reading.
    Thank You, you are definitely a blessing.

  12. Sheree Sells

    My reading with Queen was awesome! She was so on point I’m still sitting here in awe of my reading. What she said brought me to tears. If you are stuck or in need of direction, confirmation. PLEASE contact her. I knew that after watching her videos I was drawn to her, but now I can’t get enough. She is the truth…I never leave messages or comments but I could not stand by and just hold this in. I am here for life. I am signing up for classes etc. Spirits were on point!!!!!! Queen you did your THANG. Thank you so much!

  13. fnkydiva5 (verified owner)

    My reading with Queen Co. was the first reading that I’ve ever had. She helped me to feel comfortable while thoroughly and clearly explaining what was coming through. It’s obvious that she cares deeply for the people who come to her for guidance and is invested in seeing you move forward successfully. Queen offered insights and expanded on aspects of my situation to give me a deeper understanding of the impact it’s having on my life path and purpose. The reading was extremely specific and spot-on! I have participated in several of Queen Co.’s Community Services prior to this reading and have always seen results manifest, sometimes in a way that I could not have imagined but was perfectly aligned with what was needed. This reading was no different. I am grateful to Queen Co. for her time, her insights, and her compassionate commitment to all who seek her guidance. Queen Co. is authentic from start to finish. No empty spiritual calories here! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Queen.

  14. Deanna (verified owner)

    I had a 30 min reading with Queen a few weeks ago and wanted to be sure to say thank you! She was inspiring, truthful and shared information that opened my eyes and provided great encouragement. I sincerely appreciate the insightful advice. She also shared revealing information and an ancestral presence which was amazing. To add, I have had a shorter reading before & participated in Community services with results and am also looking forward to learning from her too as I received one of her books (which is very good), and am signing up for a class. You are a blessing Queen Co. and continue to be blessed!

  15. Koi (verified owner)

    Let me shoot it straight, this will DEFINITELY be an experience you don’t want to miss. I was an emotional wreck today lol BUT Queen laid it out straight and let me know exactly what is needed. She saw knew and saw things that were just amazing to me. I had to reflect for a bit and strap on the big girl panties so I can live my best life! Thank you Queen so much.

  16. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Getting read by Queen Co, was like no other reading I’ve ever had (I mean that in a good way). I did not have any specific questions. I felt comfortable throughout the entire reading. She shared names of my ancestors that were present, which gave me pure joy and instant goosebumps. She gave me much needed advice and instructions. I listened and did everything that she advised me to do. What was revealed, during the reading, has already began to turn around!

    I thank you so much for everything that you do, Queen! Much love, gratitude, and many blessings to you and your family. ✨

  17. Elexis

    Queen Co is the realest and always gives straight answers. Her readings are divine! Queen knew I was pregnant before I did, 3 whole weeks before I got medical confirmation. The intention of my reading was a completely unrelated legal matter, I got so much more out of my reading than I expected. Now I’m happily expecting my first child and going to court with confidence. Book Queen Co!

  18. Ligea Johnson (verified owner)

    I was surprised, thankful, and relieved of a lot of misconceptions that I had about my life, self, and my ancestors as well as given a good heads up of what’s to come. She is surreal to talk to, MORE than worth your time and dime. She provides new perspective and can help you see beyond yourself.

  19. Kenya Sanders (verified owner)

    Still in awe from my session today with Queen Co. I was staring at my computer screen after the session ended. Gotta take it back to May of 2020 with my first reading with Queen. At that time, I was at a crossroad in my life and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I was in a career I no longer desired to be a part of. Desperately, I was looking for a way out of my career. During my reading Queen Co was able to pinpoint on the pressing issues I was facing. She gave me the truth and it shed light on what I needed to get done. Moreover, the Queen was able to tell me my life’s purpose, how to incorporate my purpose into my work, and what it will take to achieve it. Let’s just say everything she told me that would take place ~ it actually did. All the way down to the timing of it all. Also, Queen shared with me tons of personal information about my family that I have never shared.

    Fast forward. Today, my session with Queen was life changing. I ran into some blockages and once again Queen was able to clear it up for me. After clearing up things for me, she poured so much life into me during my session. She gave me so much clarity on ideas and thoughts that have been challenging for me. I can’t begin to explain how brilliant this woman is! So creative with everything and she knew of ALL my ideas before I had a chance to share them with her.
    Jaw dropping. Truly Anointed.

    Queen Cotaliya, I will always have the utmost gratitude for what you have done for me.
    I am truly grateful for everything.

    Kenya Sanders

  20. Kareem (verified owner)

    I had an reading with queen that I felt yes I hear this and much of it is right .. the other things SHORTLY began to pass. Today I’m in it and here’s me booking another reading because I know I’ll be fed.

  21. Edith (verified owner)

    My Queen, my queen, my QWEEEN! Let me tell you. I had my reading yesterday and am still processing everything that was given to me. I did a general reading -no questions asked but I didn’t have too at all! My ancestors was present and showed out let me tell you. It wasn’t until after the reading I was able to be like oh, snap yes I know exactly who that was who showed up for me. There was so much accuracy, I think I literally blanked out for a second…. excuse my french, but she is the MF’n truth! I’m more motivated than I have ever been on my spiritual journey. I’m also enrolled in the bone divination class and let me tell you BABE!!! If she offers this again, don’t hesitate to take it.

  22. Ligea Johnson (verified owner)

    Queen Co gave me the business and let me know where I was going wrong with my ancestral altar and saving me from potential traumas and dangers that come with unnecessarily inviting entities other than my own folk. She let me know outcomes to my burning questions and gave me confidence to move forward with plans in the mundane world as well as much needed knowledge on how to properly work with workings/methods. She doesn’t disrespect you, she’s honest and tells you what you need to hear and lets you know that it’s up to you whether or not to listen. I may be a little disappointed with how I’ve personally been going over the top doing things, but I’m extremely grateful for her letting me know what and where I’m messing up, saves a ton of future mayhem. Beyond worth every dollar.

  23. Ligea Johnson (verified owner)

    Queen STAYS being on point with you, your situation and the best way to handle it. Be it 10 minutes, be it half an hour or longer, her readings are life-changing. Will do again!

  24. Alexa B.

    THE QUEEN was absolutely on point with our session today. Every word spoken to me today was relevant. I will definitely be booking again and so should you!

  25. Dee

    I was so amazed by the accuracy of the root cause of my embedded problem(s). Taking responsibility for my hurt and then releasing it was what The Queen said in so many words without divulging contents of the reading. It was Exemplary to have the Attention of Queen Cotaliya. When you are endowed in the presence of true royalty you know it and you can only choose to remain the same. I am working to improve me and This woman brought me to tears. The real will do that. I conclude stating Thank you and look forward to seeing her again in zoom as well as in person. If you doubt you can pout but if you need help to figure it out here you are Don the darn thing Try Conjure South. Ok my rhyme is corny but I am happy pleased satisfied an gratitude is my attitude!❤️

  26. Marcel S. (verified owner)

    Back on June 9th, I received a divination session with Queen Cotaliya concerning my state of employment. The reading confirmed what I knew of the situation and she gave me clear instructions to help me going forward. In the month of July, I experienced ALL of what was spoken from the cards and her percise seership. Her guidance allowed me to land on my feet (and helped me land a new job).

    My questions were answered within the first 20 minutes and the rest of the time was given to lingering questions concerning the future. Thank you so much Queen for the clarity and guidance that you gave me.

  27. Jennifer English

    I had the pleasure of Queen Co providing my reading on my birthday. So, many doors opened within my mind to begin exploring my ancestry. I’ve found more clarity within my self because Queen connects deep within and helps me have the confidence and courage to walk through the door into the Cosmos.

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