Bienvenue, Welcome to Conjure South!

The leading resource of Authentic Traditional Healing and Spiritual Advice ,Services, and Folk Practices for over a decade online. Founded by Queen Co.Meadows; of the Imperial Court Milner-Meadows Des La Pound and Elders of her Lineage. Conjure South LLC. is the home to all of Queen Co.’s family’s line of Traditional African American Folk practicing, herbal healing and traditional spiritual products and services “WORK”, The Annual Conjure Fete, Conjure South Publications and the Conjure South Institute for Traditional Healing and Folk practices.¬† Here at Conjure South we provide traditional products, services, education and literature to connect those interested to connecting to traditional healing practices and folk practices in addition to providing traditional and authentic services for alternative healing and spiritual work.

Queen Co.Meadows looks forward to serving you the community the these healing practices  as her Ancestors have provided the region for centuries.