Conjure South Hoodoo Institute™

Conjure South Hoodoo Institute ™,  home of Traditional African American Conjure, Rootwork, and Divination. Found by, Queen Co.Meadows; The Hooodoo Queen of the Imperial Court Milner-Meadows Des La Livre.

Conjure South Hoodoo Institute ™  proudly provides authentic African American Conjure, Rootwork, and Divination solely by and from the descendants of this traditional way of living.

We provide all students with a firsthand experience & direct tools to live as their ancestors and elders within these most valuable folk practices.

All students will leave away with a full since of Ancestral Wisdom, Cultural Knowledge , and Practical Methods of  Hoodoo, Rootwork  and Divination. Standing with a complete acknowledgment of personal Ase & Ability.

Founded 6/9/2020

Fall Enrollment Opens July 1, 2023 ( At this point purchase base classes & online courses check this list below once the purchase are made make your interview purchase.) Enrollment ends August 8, 2023

The Conjure South Hoodoo Institute  is a 12 Month Institution  therefore there one class taught per year



  • This Course is Not Refundable this includes , text, tools, and classes, by any attempt to reverse payments after student is accepted may result in legal actions taken.
Enrollment into The Conjure South Hoodoo Institute
  • Fully understand that you will be Enrolling into the 12 Month Conjure South  Hoodoo Institute Course and Apprenticeship. This Course is separated into 2 Semesters. These each semester provides all students with the tools he/ she needs to partake in all assignments.
 Though this course is almost a year long it does not qualify you as a master of African American Conjure, Rootwork and Divinity. However you will be credited under The Conjure South Hoodoo Institute and can be vouched for by the Institute. Which is a credit that you are HIGHLY Skilled , knowledgeable and have firsthand experience with a lineage that historically & royally known nationally and internationally.  Just as an up and coming doctor the mastery of the skills are acquired after the education. Life will groom your the mastery knowledge and the results of those experience will Validate your Ase!
In your competition of The Conjure South Hoodoo Institute Course and Apprenticeship you will immediately be entered in The Conjure South Hoodoo Institute Alumni Directory as an Affiliate of Conjure South which may gives you access to further opportunities with Queen Cotaliya regarding to spiritual entrepreneurship, haus teacher, haus reader & possible induction into the  Court of Milner-Meadows Des La Livre .
You must complete all parts of the course which includes classes, assignments, in person and virtual events/ apprenticeships to receive your Certificate of Completion.
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Legal Name, Working Email, Social Media Account Names and SSN must be applied on Application ( This information is needed in tracking assignments as they maybe asked to be posted in addition to confidentiality . ) If this information is found to be untrue , student will be immediately expelled from institute, social media and class group and will be full charged for the remainder or the years tuition.
  • All Students must acknowledge and agree to the confidentiality of The Conjure South Hoodoo Institute Course and Apprenticeship in addition to all  copyright ownership’s and laws of the any literature , diagrams, videos, audios or any medium used before , during and after course. In addition to those terms you must agree not to duplicate or alter any material for any reason or circumstance for resale by print, virtual, professional or educational purpose . If this information is exposed or discovered, student will be immediately expelled from institute, social media and class group and will be full charged for the remainder or the year’s tuition. (Note: Legal actions may be pursued.)
  • Be Fully prepared to turn in at the minimum 2 Homework Assignments each month through the process of this 8 Month Journey if you don’t believe you can comply with this, please rethink applying.
  • Understand that if not all assignments are completed you will not be given your certificate of completion and will not be recognize as alumni, or be acknowledged as an official affiliate of The Conjure South Hoodoo Institute.
    1. Live & Replayable Virtual Class Assignments
    2. In person Apprenticeships
    3. Conjure Fetes
  • All Base Online Courses, Text and Steps Must be Taken Prior to Interview to be Accepted into The Conjure South Hoodoo Institute.
  • Ancestral Communication, Altar and Veneration
  • Graveyard Working 101
  • Candle Conjure 101
  • What is Hoodoo? History| Customs| Folk Tales
  • Bone Throwing Series (*** NOT INTRO**)
  • Purchase Books: The Queen of Spades™
  • Purchase Books: Mama Mojo™
  • Purchase The Hoodoo Institute Over phone Interview after prior items have been purchase ( You appointment will be confirmed within 1 week of your purchase) CLICK THIS LINK TO SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW
  • Acceptance in The Conjure South Institute
Once Accepted the class of given year will be emailed with the course curriculum and details of the semester . This is a breakdown of tools to be sent out up and coming assignment with those tools. NOTE: Assignment are not given to early to prevent impatient student from getting ahead of themselves.

National Tuition

  • Tuition: Tuition Cost covers All Supplies, Classes, Shipping Fees, and The tuition of this course supplies each student with full ability to with a spiritual and rootworking arsenal of supplies.
  • 20 Roots and Herbs for Conjuring Love, Cleansing, Money, and Protection
  • 44 Conjuring Tools by the way of Candles, Oil, Baths, Dirts, and Incense Note: Assisgnment will surround these tools so you will receive about 40 spells
  • 18 Roots and Herbs for Herbal Medicine
  • Full Bone Set
  • 33 hours of  Live and/or Recorded Virtual Online Class Over 3 hours each month of Class
  • (Unannounced Text that will change your life)
National Total Tuition = $3600
Tuition is Paid each Semester: $1650 ( First Payment August 9th , 2021 due by the August 15th  for US)
Tuition Can be Paid Monthly= $350 per month Paid By the 15th of Each Month in Advance so for example in January your tuition is paid on the January 15th for the classes in  Feburary)
JAN15th for FEB
FEB 15th for MARCH
MARCH 15th for APRIL
( And Futher)

International Tuition

International Tuition = $3800 ( Due to international shipping  these boxes are HEAVY)
International Tuition by Semester: $1900
  • There is no pay by month option for international students
-EVERYONE Nationally has the option to pay in full for the year at : $3000
-EVERYONE Internationally has the option to pay in full for the year at : $3400


Are You Committed and Can you Comply:

Please fully understand the terms and agreements above. For any reason that you can not comply with the ANY of the terms do not attempt to proceed beyond this point.
Who should apply and Why they will benefit: ( This section is subject to change)
If your attempt is to become the most powerful Conjurer or psychic in history or to boost your self-esteem and ego this institute is not designed for you.
If you cannot accept the truth of your abilities, history, & the traditional culture of African American Conjure, Rootwork, and Divinity this institute is not designed for you.  
If you are interested in achieving maximum communication and connection to your ancestral ways of living; in addition to accepting the TRUTH to your Path, Gifts, and Purpose, then this Institute will nurture and groom your journey.