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Thank you for allowing us to assist you in your journey to a  more authentic and traditional way of living within your faith or practice.  Here at Conjure South we provide you with education and knowledge that is present by the folk to those folk practices.  It’s important to us to give the highest form of respect to the people and the children of those people when we are educating ourselves on Ancestral or folk magic and medicine.

Our experienced educators provide the knowledge and wisdom that you’ll need to properly create a foundation in traditional spiritual & healing practices.

IN-PERSON & ONLINE CLASSES; OUR DOORS ARE OPENING BACK UP IN MAY FOR INPERSONO CLASSES . Rather you are choosing the in person or online option sign up HERE! This allow us to correctly provide each of you with the tools & and supplies you’ll need to conjure in class. Yes! Most classes comes with tools and supplies related to the topic of the class and yes it is included in the class price.




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VIRTUAL (ZOOM) Intro to Candle Spells & Oil Lamps (Institute Credit) PRE-RECORDED, VIRTUAL (ZOOM) What is Hoodoo, History and Customs ( Institute Credit) PRE-RECORDED, VIRTUAL( ZOOM) Bone Throwing Series ( Institute Credit), VIRTUAL (ZOOM) Graveyard Working 101PRE-RECORDED (Institute Credit), VIRTURAL (ZOOM) Ancestral Communication, Alter, and Reverence ( Institute Credit)PRE-RECORDED

35 reviews for Education ( Learn Thy Ways)

  1. J. Davis (verified owner)

    I took the Intro to Candle and Oil Lamp Conjure and let me just say that it is COMPLETELY worth it! She dropped so many gems and gave a lot of knowledge on this subject that you won’t find anywhere online. I have pages of new information written down that I’ve never heard before. She was even grateful enough to give us a few workings, and a little surprise for those who took the class at the very end.

    I really do recommend taking any one of her classes. I’m truly thankful for the knowledge she has given. Her spirit is amazing and I can tell that she is genuine and KNOWS what she’s talking about. She’s the only teacher I’ll ever listen to from here on out and I’m very excited to take more of her classes in the future.

  2. Nicole (verified owner)

    Queen is an informative and knowledgeable instructor. I have had the pleasure of taking multiple classes. I highly recommend Queen Co and Conjure South for esoteric needs and authentic education.

  3. Tamille (verified owner)

    I just finished the bone throwing class series and I feel so enriched with knowledge. I am so grateful for the wealth of authentic information I’ve received in this series. Queen Co is truly a great teacher and spiritual leader. Trust me the information you receive from her will be better than anything else you’re going to find out there. Worth every single penny. Can’t wait to sign up for my next class!

  4. William Bailey (verified owner)

    I attended the What Is Hoodoo, Histoy and Customs. When I tell you that the information was not only informative but also uplifting and inspiring. There are many who claims to be and are not. Queen Co. is the real deal truth. Can’t wait for my reading and to continue with my journey. If authentic is what you want, then you are at the right place. Thanks Queen!

  5. Danika Ogden (verified owner)

    Class: What is Hoodoo-
    This class was way more informative than I expected. I love the interactions between teacher and students in the live feature on Facebook. This was the first class I have taken with Queen Co., and it just made sense to first understand what Hoodoo is, and if it was worth delving deeper into if I resonated with it. And let me say…it totally did. At this point, I want to continue taking all courses and truly appreciate this kind of ‘level-up’. I know deep inside that Queen Co. info is legitimate and authentic, and this is the kind of vibe that just feels right- period. Like there was no second-guessing taking the class because energetically it felt right. I highly recommend starting with this class as a foundation for Hoodoo.

  6. Kobi McCarthy (verified owner)

    Queen Co is the truth. I love learning from her. She is very authentic and honest. I’ve taken several classes with her and all were taught from a traditional point of view. “The Bone Throwing” series was absolutely amazing. I feel very blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to learn from her. I also took her What is Hoodoo” class, which gives you an understanding of what traditional Hoodoo really is. I most definitely recommend all her classes, they are well worth it and more! Thanks Queen Co.

  7. Aja (verified owner)

    I Had the pleasure of taking the ‘What is Hoodoo?’ Class today, and let me tell you, it was SO refreshing.
    Queen Co. set it up to laid back, extremely informative & with a comfortable environment for everyone to ask questions, share & gain clarity. I learned new things & walked away with clarification and confirmation about the things I was already aware of.
    Can’t wait for the next class!

  8. Goddess (verified owner)

    Queen Co. Meadows spit so much truth during her “What is Hoodoo course.” The way in which she speaks of our history feels familiar and like talking to an auntie. She is very serious about her work which I highly respect and chil’ if I wasn’t ball headed my weave would be snatched.

  9. Denise (verified owner)

    I have had the pleasure of studying with Queen CoMeadows for several classes now and it has been an extreme pleasure. From the sessions of Conjure Fete to the extensive online courses, I have always gained a great amount of information and unique knowledge from a true expert in the tradition-rich world of hoodoo. Queen is an awesome educator, loaded with the historic expertise of her lineage and a very embracing teaching style that both interests and intrigues. The Ancestral Altar and Reverence class, the Candle and Oil Lamp Magic class, and Bones Divination Series are all PHENOMENAL and are strong examples of the high quality education one gets with Conjure South and Queen CoMeadow. I have been extremely fortunate to sit at this learning table with the Queen and would highly recommend this education to anyone committed and determined to get one-of-a-kind insight and a true education in traditional hoodoo.

  10. Yasmin Johnson (verified owner)

    I have attended a few of Queen classes. Can I just say, she is phenomenal. When she speaks, you know she is the truth. She keeps it real, fun, and informative. She really gives you the feeling that you shouldn’t feel “ashamed” (as depictions of traditional African practices in the west is deemed “evil”) of your traditional ancestors practices. You will not regret any of her classes.

  11. Nykki (verified owner)

    I have taken the much anticipated Doll Baby class presented by Queen. The class was amazing and insightful. I highly recommend.

  12. Valerie Conley (verified owner)

    When I tell you Queen is True and authentic!!!!! Yassss my ancestors lead me to her … me and my family haven’t looked back. She is VERY Knowledgeable and you can learn the Truth about Traditional Hoodoo. What a gift to still have and learn from a woman and truth and know what she knows‼️ Thanks so much to Queen and the lineage of her Ancestors . Ase’

  13. Richard Hayes (verified owner)

    I have taken a few of the classes. Not only is Queen giving very solid facts but is very clear about where things originate from. What I love about Queen is that she lives authentic and Traditional Hoodoo. As someone who is trying to see this in my own family, she is letting me know what I can watch out for and how to notice what is a mixture and what is authentic and traditional. Thank you, Queen.

  14. Aja (verified owner)

    I am Fresh out of the Bone Throwing Series class & I feel so full! Queen is so generous & truly wants us to hold this knowledge so that we may go forth & practice for ourselves + families. She taught us SOO much, and with all the questions that were answered we may have even learned a little more than allotted- either way, it was all good, all received & much gratitude for it. I have 4 pages (front & back) of my notebook filled up just from this evening’s class. I’m very much looking forward to getting used to working with my bones, slowly but surely growing my set & connecting even more deeply with my ancestors. Thanks for EVERYTHING Queen CO!

  15. Lily

    I have taken multiple classes with Queen Co. and I loooove how, even at the beginner level, she brings it back to what made sense then, when it was practiced by our ancestors and how it really actually still makes sense now. That is true for the Candle and lamp class, ancestral communication, etc. The classes are packed with all the information you need to start and they help you realize how limitless the work is.
    Also, if I may, if you plan on taking the Bone throwing class, go for the series. The intro is very rich and powerful but that second part opens so much more knowledge. I definitely recommend!

  16. jannesia08 (verified owner)

    Just took the first session of the bone throwing series and it was everything and then some. Queen Co breaks it down to you where it is easy to understand. Cannot wait for part 2. She is the real deal and teaches you how things are done traditionally without the theatrics that most people have you thinking hoodoo is. She leaves you eager to learn more

  17. Richard (verified owner)

    I just took the Herbalism class and it was bomb. I learned soooo much and it was so well taught (Thank you Queen). I said in in the class that it made me look at my kitchen differently.

    The herbs given were enough to get started for yourself and if you already have a deep connection with your African American cooking traditions you can see how these things have already been a part of the day to day life. The class was a little humor but no fluff. EVERYTHING is useable information. I look forward to walking in this information and living.

  18. Ronald Dancy (verified owner)

    I have taken multiple classes offered by Conjure South. I have yet to be disappointed. The quality of teaching delivered by Queen Co is not just excellent, it’s exceptional. The knowledge, history, and wisdom conveyed by this gifted and talented teacher is a blessing for those who are fortunate enough to receive. It is apparent that she has been immersed in this tradition from childhood through adulthood, by her ability to provide the not talked about things regarding Hoodoo not found on the internet or books.

    So if you have the opportunity to partake in the education offered by Conjure South, go for it! You will walk away fulfilled.

  19. Richard (verified owner)

    I just finished the playing card divination and omens class set and it was a joy. I not only did I get clear information on both but homework to help me remember (which was so needed as I learn by doing). As she states, divination is a skill, not a gift, so the fact that she can give such clear instruction to help hone the skill is a blessing in itself. I have also given my mother a reading in the time between the 2 classes and it was so helpful for her to be able to handle her day.

    This was not my first class and this will not be my last class. Queen Co has help for living this life connecting to our ancestors. I look forward to my next class.

  20. Nelli (verified owner)

    Hoodoo Omens x Playing Cards Class – It was amazing to watch Queen speak so passionately about the language of our customs and culture. She embodies the bridge between traditional teachings to modern practices. Four hours of coursework seemed like a reintroduction to wisdom that I’ve always known, but she put the puzzle pieces together. I have child like joy when I understand what’s around me. I am enamored with her patience and guidance to make sure we are spiritually fed. Thank you Queen

  21. Christine Little (verified owner)

    The Hoodoo Bible Conjuring and History class was everything and so much more. There was so much history on the why the Bible and how and why it was used traditioally and how it was used in traditional hoodoo…We learned to hear the words within the words that we needed for what workin you need. This information I feel was very needed. Queen Co. Classes are so packed with Truth, History and Tradition that you don’t find out there…yes you may find sprinkles of truth here and there, but Queen brings out the big guns and packs her classes from start to finish of the truth…THE WHOLE truth so given and done traditionally by our ancestors….if your looking for truth I highly highly suggest you get educated on who, what n why our people did da work…if you’re not ready to hear “what you think you know, you really don’t know” then the truth and Queen Co ain’t for you keep getting your sprinkles

  22. meekajaylen (verified owner)

    The Ancestral Communication class was an eye opener and showed me that everything that I was doing was wrong and overly complicated. Queen Cotaliya laid it down and spoke nothing but truth. If you don’t take another class PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and take this class.

  23. Christopher Spriggs (verified owner)

    I took the class about ancestor veneration and alters as part of the hoodoo intensive. queen dropped gems that I have heard from no one else as well as truly establishing how to personally connect with one’s ancestors and setting a real expectation of how the process would go. I am so thankful!

  24. Lune Winlloh (verified owner)

    Amazing and powerhouse education! Also, most importantly, it’s traditional. I have better understanding of the folk of this folk practice. HIGHLY recommended!

  25. NiaRa’ Jordan (verified owner)

    I took Queen’s ancestral Veneration class and it was absolutely amazing! She is such a dedicated, knowledgeable teacher and gave us her all despite her being tired. She didn’t get offended when I told her the correct pronunciation of my name either as most people do, which truly meant a lot to me.
    There were multiple times during the lesson where I got chills from the truths Queen spoke. I absolutely recommend taking this class if you’re wanting to get in touch with self and those who came before you.

  26. Alexis D. (verified owner)

    The education Queen Co. provides, I am sincerely thankful for. You can tell how real and true her information on Hoodoo is by the way it hits your soul. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the topic of all things traditional African-American Conjure, Rootwork, Divination, Customs, etc. you name it! I am so thankful to have found this rare gem. When you learn from her KNOW THAT you are LEARNING FROM THE SOURCE! Queen Co. ain’t new to this, SHE TRUE TO THIS. Queen Co. wasn’t sworn in it, SHE WAS BORN IN IT!!
    I’ve taken so, so many classes and each class I take it feels like I am finding myself all over again learning the ways of my ancestors. I truly feel indebted to her. The way I feel so spiritually complete is something that makes me forever grateful towards Queen Cotaliya.
    I’ve taken her classes on Bible conjure, Cooking Conjure, ancestral veneration, Card divination, bone-throwing divination, what is hoodoo, etc. all of them bringing so much clarity to me of why I am the way I am, why my people are the way we are, and the magiq of my people. When you go into her classes be ready to go through all of the emotions, as she will strip you from all of the lies and misinformation you have been told about Hoodoo but, she will also feed you information that will just make your soul feel warm and comforted to further walk your spiritual journey. I love Queen Co. She’s the real deal, y’all, take a class and see for yourself! Amazing!!!

  27. NiaRa’ Jordan (verified owner)

    I took Queen’s ancestral Veneration class and I 10/10 absolutely recommend! Despite being bone tired, Queen gave us her all and brought nothing but raw truth. There were multiple times through the lecture that I got chills and it was an absolutely eye opening experience for me. Queen is passionate and serious about sharing her knowledge so don’t come to the class with a closed mindset. Take a class and just see for yourself. You won’t regret it!

  28. Zatanna Z. (verified owner)

    Any class you get the chance to take. TAKE IT! Queen gives it to you straight and only those willing to listen will learn anything.

  29. NiaRa’ Jordan (verified owner)

    I had the pleasure of taking Queen’s , What is Hoodoo, class and let me tell yall. My mind was BLOWN! Without even knowing, Queen exposed a lot of the people I followed on social media to be frauds just by her speaking the truth of what hoodoo is and what hoodoo ain’t. I am now able to tell who is faking the funk when I used to truly admire them. I recommend you take this class so you won’t be looking foolish in these streets like I was. Her classes are truly for those seeking truth so always enter with an open mind and prepare to be shook.

  30. Annie Brown (verified owner)

    Wow, I am very Gr8full to be in the midst of such an amazing experience with Qween Co. What I can say is, her teaching will blow your mind. Learning the truth is what most need and it is raw and uncut. If anyone is thinking about taking any of the classes, I recommend that you do. Plz do NOT second guess yourself bc it’s all worth the time, effort, and patience. It’s a lot of things I thought I knew and seen is not what resonate with my higher self and Spirit. She gets to the root of it all. These folks out here with their belief and teaching isn’t matching the innerG and teaching real life knowledge. The classes are so on point! I was blind but now I see. It has given me more insight and wisdom to grow and learn the rite way of traditional way of life. Don’t no other give it like this. Thank you with much luv and Blissings!

  31. Destini (verified owner)

    I am so happy that I finally got to take some classes – I learned so, so much and for a long time I felt like certain things were missing from my spiritual growth with my ancestors and both my mundane and spiritual paths – but these classes showed me what was already there that I dismissed and also taught me so much more than I could have possibly imagined. I am so thankful that Queen offers this knowledge and would without any doubt or hesitation recommend taking them to anyone who would ask.

  32. NiaRa’ Jordan (verified owner)

    Took Queen’s intro to Graveyard Work and let me just tell you, it was an absolute treat. It almost felt as if I was right there with Queen going from the shop to the graveyard. The way she interacts with us is just so caring and she has a great sense of humor. You can tell she truly cares about truth and ensuring that things are learned properly. 10/10 recommend if you want your mind blown.

  33. Bria (verified owner)

    I recently took the Ancestor prerequisite course and it was AMAZING! Queen answered all of our questions and explained everything that we need to know and NO sugar coating it! Can’t wait to take another class.

  34. Tamelan (verified owner)

    I appreciated Queen’s patience and willingness to answer any question, no matter what it was, to demystify the lies that are commonly found on social media. Learning how to read my bones has expanded my tools for divination and I am so excited to expand upon the foundation I’ve been given. If you are looking for a thorough and traditionally supported understanding of hoodoo, Queen is who you should seek. So grateful for everything that I’ve received from the series.

  35. Anquinette Robinson

    I have a taken a few different classes offered by Queen Co and they had all been worth it! Each class is jam packed with valuable information! She is open to questions and add humor to her teaching! I am very pleased with her classes!

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