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Conjure South Publications ™, the worlds’ FIRST black owned Traditional Spiritual, Healing & Metaphysical Publication Company . Providing  Authentic and Traditional literature written by the descendants and community of the spiritual practice you seek.  President and owner Queen Co.Meadows, best known as The Hoodoo Queen ™ prides herself on zero cultural appropriation policy to provide proper respect and honor to the Ancestors, Elders, and Descendants of any Traditional Spiritual, Healing or Metaphysical path.

Founded 6/9/2020


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Queen of Spades is the medium that connects the descendants of enslaved Africans to their traditional spirituality, their magic, and the customs of their people. This is traditional African American conjure, best known as Hoodoo, coming directly from its descendants, from a family that is known throughout the Americas and West Indies, documented since we have been enslaved in the western hemisphere. This book will give the descendants of these people a look into who we were before slavery. Recipes to reshape the present reality, this book gives you the tools to give you the clarity and answers for the darkness in your life. This book is true encouragement from your ancestors. Periodt! This book is the conduit, the medium, the connection and introduction to your ancestors. This is a book that you can look into your great-great-great-great grandmother or grandfather’s eyes and have a conversation with them as they guide you. It gives you the ammunition that you were designed to walk with. Being that I was brought up by people from the 1900s, I am bringing you the true version of Hoodoo, not a mix of mess and magic. We’re not doing that. This is not glitter and unicorns; this is traditional Hoodoo. This is giving you the different forms of divination that we would have used in the past that may resonate with you now. This is the first door that you must open in order to understand your magic. This is a book that will identify what Hoodoo actually is—a magical gift, not a magical tool. This is meant to present Hoodoo as magic, not as a healing modality, not as a divination modality and bring dignity and structure to what Hoodoo truly is. Queen of Spades is the truth of Hoodoo. How to Use This Book Queen of Spades allows you to understand the different variables of Hoodoo—how to cleanse yourself, attract love and more favor, become luckier as well as how to spiritually heal your body and spaces. This book will provide you with a solid foundation no matter your spiritual preference. This is that next step. General History As people of color, we have complained, we have cried about our spiritual narrative being stolen from us and then being sold to us by non-people-of-color, but those days are over! I can no longer continue to allow Hoodoo, which is not a secondary spirituality to us be misrepresented. In regard to African spiritual systems, Hoodoo was our go-to; it wasn’t Christianity. I am convicted to bring respect back to the African American spiritual community and back to our elders. I, as Queen Co. Meadows, the Hoodoo Queen, the Dark Mother, I cannot allow the disrespect of our elders, of my ancestors, of other people’s ancestors to go on any longer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving respect to a culture, to a group of people as who they are.    In this volume, we will be discussing Western astrology, planetary magick, and high magick. Those of you who are new to the practice of magic are most likely familiar with the four natural elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These systems go much deeper than acknowledging the power of the elements by themselves and also factors in the energy of the stars and planets in with them. Astrology is popular in today’s society, with most not going much further than occasionally looking up their horoscope. They hear predictions without understanding the energy of their sign, much less how to work with such a potent energy. Astrology has been an ancient practice through many cultures—-though Western astrology focuses on Greco-Roman systems of interpreting the heavens. In Planetary Magick, we focus on the most prominent and important energies that surround us daily and influence our psychological, spiritual, and sociological development. In High Magick (also known as Ceremonial Magick), we utilize visualization, vocalizations, and movement to enhance our spiritual power and connection to the divine. Magick, when spelled with a ‘k’ at the end denotes the utilization of ancient systems to manifest one’s will. You’ll find that in beginning this work and these exercises, your attunement to the divine will drastically increase. High Magick will also instill in you more confidence in yourself the more you practice. These exercises also strengthen the voice, vocal cords, and lung capacity. Even if you can barely carry a tune, learning how to vibrate the Voces Magicae will certainly change that. When one practices and understands the systems described herein, they will begin to understand themselves and the world around them in a new light. In order to perform High Magick, the Magician must establish equilibrium within their own mind. Despite how difficult meditation may be for some, these exercises are interactive and typically employ movement as well. Peace, prosperity, and confidence will flow into your life with ease. In my experience, astrology has helped me to understand the way others think and how to respond to them. Understanding my own chart has assisted me in playing to my strengths and strengthening my weaknesses. I’ve found that astrology is useful in not only understanding oneself and others, but in understanding nature and the world around us as well.