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MONEY GROWTH allows your money and finances to mature and expand. In addition to the clarity remove what is blocking from that growth!

  • CANDLE/LAMP Service Petition :  This service petition provides your heart desires by opening roads and opportunities of financial growth
  • Candle  Service with SEER OIL: This option gives you the candle service along with receiving  a SEER OIL  that induces your abilities to see and do dream work.

To participate:

In the section labeled ” NOTES”

LEAVE YOUR FULL NAME and DOB (OR NAME(S) of another person(s) and what you desire for yourself or the person

**THIS SERVICE WILL BE HELD MAY 23RD  *** OIL will be mail no later than 1 week from service) ( Items to be SHIPPED MAY 31ST***)



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Community Service



  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kimberly Baker

    Hello, I am doing a review for the previous community service! I ordered high John community service and on the very night ritual was completed, (Sunday Night) $35,000.00 was direct deposited into my account. I am being completely honest. Queen cares so much about the African American community and I am so very grateful for what she’s done for me! Small price to invest to gain so much!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nichole Owens (verified owner)

    My name is Nichole. I am still shaking and in tears as I compose this testament to the awesome work that Queen puts in. There is a lengthy story behind this happening; I will offer only but a portion. I am currently living with the father of my son; he is a year old. We have known each other and been friends since I was 12; I am now 41! We were best friends. We dated, hung out, we had the greatest of times; then, we got pregnant. He treated me so golden; my 12 year old son as well. He asked me to move with him so that our joined families could all be together; I decided to do so. Things were fine, awesome actually until I started to notice signs that something was awry. He has been doing the most disgusting things behind my back. The most noteworthy is that he sees multiple women but one, he allowed to trust come in between our friendship. She began stalking me and when I called it to his attention, he did nothing. So, I pulled back, no sex, we don’t talk anymore, etc. He has become this emotionally abusive monster that I no longer recognize; he has taken everything he knows about my beyond traumatic childhood and used it against me. Now me, possessing the personality that I have, internalized it all; this is what trauma causes you to do. Anyway, baby, I put in my petition for the September community service; not to get him back, or to soften his heart (I performed jar work for this and it works) but so that I could see the bigger picture. I have struggled with depression from this to the point where I attempted suicide in November. So, put in for the service but I forgot to mention my name and my DOB; I was initially worried; then I settled down and put my faith in the Spirit, the ancestors, and Queen. I had a dream last night that I was in a traveling group of some sort; my children were there , women, and a very large man that was the doppelgänger of my ” parent partner”. He guided me and told the group what we needed to do in order to move along. For some reason he specifically leaned on me. Then this large figure told me that he had to leave the group behind and he wanted me to lead because he knew my heart, my power, my love would allow me to do so. Then I heard a man sobbing, his head was sunken in the breasts of a woman holding him; well, the man was him, my partner! The large “him” told me not to comfort him (in the dream, I began to walk over to do so even with this woman already doing so). the large version of him told me that he did not deserve me and that me moving along would teach him about himself; not about my worth, not about how he messed up, but about how his actions are a reflection of himself. He asked me to make flatbreads for the group; I recall molding these loaves and traveling on.
    I woke up next to him in tears; but tears of joy. I grabbed his hand in his sleep and whispered, “I forgive you and myself, and I am letting you go”. I grabbed the sack of smoky quartz out of my pillow case and cried; I thanked the ancestors for guiding me to this realization that I am so much better than all of this. While everything in this dream may not be literal, I trust that the large figure of him was possibly the better version of him revealing truths; Im not sure. I do know that as of 4:44 this morning (that was the EACT time that I work up n tears following the dream), I am a new being! Queen, I know that even if my physical name was not submitted, you were guided to work in my favor as well.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gerald (verified owner)

    Well worth the investment! Try a Community Service for yourself!

    I must share that I purchased the September Full Moon Blockbuster Service and I was thoroughly pleased with the results. My objective in purchasing the service was to simply experience it for myself. I didn’t have any major expectations. There was one blockage that I had in mind regarding my business, but I came into the service open to all experiences. The service was performed on Wednesday, September 2nd and my result came on Saturday, September 5th. The blockage that was removed was a long standing family blockage and I am still dealing with the effects of what transpired. The personal clarity and insight that I gained from the experience has been tremendous and I’m so thankful to Queen for sharing her conjure in this community format. I will only speak for myself and say that booking this service was well worth the small investment and the “proof is in the pudding”. I look forward to receiving my Blockbuster incense to put the final exclamation on the work that has already been done. Thank you Queen Co.Meadows and Conjure South!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    kimberlycooperbanzer (verified owner)

    I participated in the New Moon service and she blessed me this morning in my bank account. Thank you so so much. I broke down in tears when I seen my balance this morning but I also jumped up with so much joy! Put all your faith into Conjure South!!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Apple (verified owner)

    I spoke with Queen on Friday for a reading, I was told to do something for my business and did EXACTLY what was told on that Saturday because I noticed I didn’t have anymore charcoal Friday night and the stores were closed. I be damn if Saturday night/ Sunday morning my first sale came and yes it’s still Sunday but it’s safe to say they haven’t stopped. I’m greatly appreciative for Queen which is really my aunt she just didn’t know lol. Thanks for your knowledge and guidance

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Valerie C. (verified owner)

    Oh I have A testimony to tell. Baby. I took Part in the July née moon community service that came with. High john mojo bag. I’ve been feeding my Hugh john monthly since I received It and talking to him and when I say He came thru for me. High john came through!!!! High john along with my free weekly readings from Queen and using a lil magic from the book Magia Magia, have been nothing short of amazing. And the most recent reading said cancers should see some movement or a shift. And when I say Things have not just shifted but did a whole turn around!!!!! I am So excited to see whats to Come next. I’m about to prepare dinner and feed and thank High John tonight. Much gratitude to you Queen Co. for your time energy and wisdom.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    James Ra (verified owner)

    Im adding this review from last months, “abundance” community service. Chilllleeee! So, what happend was, sonething told me to hit the community service! That week my landlord decided to illegally evict me! Bot only did I get a check for $1,000 in the mail the NEXT DAY AFTER I signed up, I’m getting ready now to move into a house thats not only more affordable but is much better than this one! I am so greatful for queen co. Her family, Asé & ancestors! Thank you! You litteraly saved my family from homelessness..and poverty! Cause even moving, we bot hurting! Asé! Asé! Thank you!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Angela (verified owner)

    I did this a couple of weeks ago because my husband was killed in a really bad car accident about a year ago and the insurance company seemed to be a bit reluctant in paying me and my children the money that we deserved. We received our complete pay out and an additional two thousand dollars that I did not know we were entitled to. So yes this does work.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    M (verified owner)

    I used the high John mojo hand and he came through!!! I desperately needed an apartment and was running out of time and I worked with him as told then bam! New apartment 800 all bills paid ! So thankful!!!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Raleigh Bryant III (verified owner)

    The Reset Community service was totally effective.! The day after the candle service, I felt so relieved, optimistic and overall excited about the future. The past troubles/issues that used to cause me anxiety and angst have almost been completely removed. I’m restored and focused on fulfilling my true purpose. I’m truly grateful and appreciative.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kenya (verified owner)

    Okay! I participated in the lamp services for September 8th community service. The Bonne Chance & Favor Lamp. It began last night when 17 yr old daughter said that her job deposited $119 into her account and couldn’t understand why because she had been on leave due to transportation issues. Well, this morning I wake up to notification of a deposit into my bank account of $23.00 from my ex-employer. Then, something told me to check the balance of my 2nd account. I discovered that another deposit of $500 had been made into that account from a source whom had denied my application recently. Queen, I am greatly appreciative for the work you do. Some of this is money is being invested back into your business.
    ~ Kenya

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Karen Thomas-Oubssis (verified owner)

    I am so blessed to have taken part in this service. I did the road opener for myself and my daughter. Wow is all I can say! My daughter had been battling with a company that she ordered merchandise from and they did not send her order. This has gone on since may. We filed a complaint with the bank in September but they said it was not likely to be resolved. Well BAM! She came into my room on October 28 and said she was refunded the full amount $467! Then I woke up this morning and I noticed extra money was in my account. I see my employer paid me an additional $207! I paid off one of my loans and they emailed me to let me know I overpaid and they were refunding me $49!!! Let me tell you if you believe and put your faith in it, it will happen. Queen you are wonderful. I’m looking forward to the next candle service. I will definitely take part in it! Blessings

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Karen Thomas-Oubssis (verified owner)

    High John is coming through!!! My daughter received $1750 out of the blue and right on time! She sent me a text message saying she received an email from her school telling her to expect a deposit in her account for this amount. We still have no idea why! I rubbed some of the oil in my hands and asked High John to help me with a certain situation. That morning I checked my email and BAM! There was an important message there. I am still waiting on that outcome, but the first step went very well! Things are moving forward and I left him a little something that morning to say thank you! The Queen is so authentic!!! She is the real deal….I am so happy my ancestors directed me to her!!

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tiya S

    I am so grateful for Queen and the community service. I participated in the January Money lamp service. I have been looking for work for 7 months. I received a call on 01/24/2022 to interview for a job. I interviewed on 01/26/2022 and it was one of the best interviews I have actually had and I enjoyed it. I received a call on 01/27/2022 offering me the position. I am sooo grateful beyond measure. Queen I am so grateful to you, your ancestors and the spirits that you work with to give back to so many!!!

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