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This here is one the most exciting and most traditional elements of Queen’s Co.’s families lineage Dirts, Dust & Powders. In the traditions of Hoodoo , Grisgris, and Obeah it is said enough to fit under the nail can move a mountain.

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Dirts and Dust are to Lay down for foottrack conjure and to wear on yourself to fix someone else.

Powders  are used in food and drinks


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Dirts| Dust| Powders

Venez a Moi ( Love Attraction), La Maitrise ( Mastery), Nettoyage ( Cleansing), Route Ouverte ( Road Opening), Guersion ( Healing), Protection, Bannir ( Banishing ), Repousser ( Repelling), Bonne Chance ( Money & Prosperity ), Argent Rapide ( Quick Money ), Noir Chat ( Black Cat ), Pied Chaud ( Hot Foot ), Maudit ( Cursing ), Contraindre ( Compelling)

2 reviews for Hoodoo Dirts | Dust | Powders

  1. Queen []lllllll[] XJ – Bridgette (verified owner)

    This is the spelling revised/corrected one :
    Thank you for allowing me to make this review. I’ve been using the products of Conjure South for about 2 years.

    I bought the argent rapide last year and it saves me from having to pay back private student loans from my former abusive spouse. since This year I received the argent rapide on 1/7/22 and dropped some of the oil on , my candles and rubbed on my hands. Today I received an eopf email saying we nurses received a COLA raise. I received a $2000 raise. Ummmm k that hot foot powder works. Quest diagnostic kept sending me a bill incorrectly coded for $683, since October. I contacted 5 ppl: BCBS, Florida Attn general , Florida consumer safety commission , mydocbill (3rd party biller of Quest labs), & the pediatric office, and Quest. All since October I went round and round with all the people. I was like I’m sick of dealing with issue . The last week in December I received a final notice letter. I was like FINAL NOTICE or what?!? I prayed and put that final notice bill in a sandwhich bag dumped the last remaining hot foot powder I had in there and on 1/6, I received a voice mail from Quest lab company explaining the bill has been handled & BCBS has paid the outstanding bill. Thanks Conjure South!

    PS: The packages are always so clean and fancy. Almost wanna eat the packing peanuts .

  2. Holly Logan (verified owner)

    Queen Cotaliya I’ve used your products for several years I took the virtual conjure fete. zoom class several yeas ago and learned about Conjure South’s protection dirt.Recently I had a strong feeling to order another bottle as I had ran out I live in a basement Apt that faces a parking lot in the worst area of the city of Philadelphia I placed the dirts on window sills an door I only have one rear window.My upstairs neighbor was acting a fool it was horrible and someone called the police They share the same number on their Apt as I but different Letter I’m A ,facing the parking lot and they are B the first floor.At 10:20 am Sunday about 2 weeks ago I just had gotten up and was in kitchen making coffee.There was a knock on my door.I keep my living room window opened but only 2or 3 inches in the morningAs I walked to the door I saw the hip of the police man wearing a gun.It was surreal no fear as I opened the door to a total of 4 policemen all average white guys Wrong address No I didn’t call the police What was the number and letter of Apt B is upstairs I’m the basement They left Merci merci merci

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