Hoodoo Dirts | Dust | Powders


This here is one the most exciting and most traditional elements of Queen’s Co.’s families lineage Dirts, Dust & Powders. In the traditions of Hoodoo , Grisgris, and Obeah it is said enough to fit under the nail can move a mountain.

Quick Tip:

Dirts and Dust are to Lay down for foottrack conjure and to wear on yourself to fix someone else.

Powders  are used in food and drinks


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Dirts| Dust| Powders

Venez a Moi ( Love Attraction), La Maitrise ( Mastery), Nettoyage ( Cleansing), Route Ouverte ( Road Opening), Guersion ( Healing), Protection, Bannir ( Banishing ), Repousser ( Repelling), Bonne Chance ( Money & Prosperity ), Argent Rapide ( Quick Money ), Noir Chat ( Black Cat ), Pied Chaud ( Hot Foot ), Maudit ( Cursing ), Contraindre ( Compelling)


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