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This is the Dark Moon Blessings Rite

A monthly cleansing and blessing for anyone that wish to be blessed by Her Imperial Majesty Queen Cotaliya de la Livre. Known as The Hoodoo Queen and better honor as the Dark Mother of Hoodoo,  Queen Cotaliya was prophesized as being  conceived into a  beautiful cosmic darkness of the heavens.

Each month Queen Cotaliya will provide the community a Dark Moon Rite ( New Moon Ritual) for Cleansing and Blessings.  As Queen there are very specific protocols for being in her presence that MUST be honored and respected.


Offerings: These are traditional and customary offerings you are on required to bring one but you can bring more

  • You are required to bring dark flower no Red, White or Bright Colors
  • Dark or Black Fruit (Blackberries , Blueberries , Grapes, Cherrys, plums ect…)
  • Dark Items: Feathers, Crystals, Stones, Candles ,Dark Sea Shells or Dark in Color
  • Any Monetary Tips Must Equal to the sum of 8

Customary Protocols:

  • Do not reachout or touch Queen Cotaliya (She may initiate the gesture or invite a handshake or hug)
  • Do not present anything in Red,White, or Light Colors otherwise offerings will be rejected
  • Do not walk behind Queen Cotaliya
  • When Salute Queen your right foot should lead, if you have an offering slight bow, if you do not have an offering cup hands together with a slight bow


There is a sequence of Two Washes followed the Anointing of the oils  by Which  Queen will Direct you.

You will leave away will a small vile of the blessing oil

There will be name list of your purchase if you made your purchase online otherwise walk-ins are available



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