Haus Readers

Haus Readers

Blessings and Thank You for seeking out our divine guidance with the Conjure South Haus Readers. The Conjure South Haus Readers are an elite and experience group of skilled and gifted seers and diviners.  To be a Haus Reader of Conjure South is a High Honor due to the vetting system that Queen Co.Meadows has in place. Each Reader is tested to gage their divining abilities and must be approved by Queen Co.  Our Haus Readers come from various backgrounds therefore there are many  divination system you may find from Tarot, Oracles, Runes, Medium and Others. We are proud to be the home to some of Mobiles most gifted diviners.

All Reading are paid in full prior to appointment which can be made online. You will find a link below next to your reader of choice to make an appointment. Once you have made your purchase please allow 48 hours to received a confirmation email on date and time of reading.  Reading are Non-Refundable however we will reschedule if the reading is upheld and reschedule the same day.

We do provide walk in readings if the desired reader is available.

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High Magick Leader : Arson McLean

HML Arson, a local Ceremonial and Celtic-based practitioner and Tarot Diviner of 10 years utilizes both natural and planetary forces to achieve balance and integrity in his personal and professional life in addition to the lives of others.  Arson utilizes casting tarot as spiritual therapy and healing for his steadily growing following. Within his ceremonial and Celtic-base practice Arson crafts custom amulets and charms for various life conditions. He leads rituals within the local pagan community, where he provides cleansings , protection, love, healing, and prosperity magick.

For  a Reading with Arson Click the Link Below