Conjure South™ Consignment

Thank You for you interest in Conjure South™ Consignment. Conjure South™ is Mobile’s home of magic & natural healing. Owned by one of the strongest lineages in Hoodoo & Obeah, Conjure South™ will provide this community and surrounding areas with other forms of spiritual education and tools to assist in elevating and maturing this community in it own spiritual and personal growth.

We are are very selective to the products that are choose to be sold at Conjure South™.  Here are Things to know before presenting Conjure South with any information:

  • Must be authentic to your culture and/or ancestral lineage for magical & spiritual products
  • Must have a Business Name & Website/Social Media that reflects your business
  • Must be able to submit via email website/social media page & photos of your product in addition any stores they may be in the state of Alabama.
  • Professionally Labeled with clear acknowledgment of use of product
  • Jewelry must be handcrafted
  • No 3rd Party sales ( Everything must be Handcrafted)
  • To Join in time for the Holiday Markets must be able to mail products by November 14,2019 to be include

We are looking for magical & healing candles, jewelry, tools, accessories, and much more!

These are the simple guidelines if you are interested please Email: Co.Meadows1@Gmail.Com

Once you are reviewed you will receive an email with an approval with agreement or denial email.