Haus Readers

Haus Readers

Blessings and Thank you for seeking out divine guidance from our gifted and highly skilled diviners. To be known as a Conjure South Haus Reader is a high honor. These readers have been interviewed and tested in their  seership and divining abilities by Queen Co.Meadows. Conjure South provides some of the most skilled intuitive divners, psychics, and mediums.  Each reader my cater to one or more divining systems.

All Reading are prepaid at the time of booking & non-refundable. We will allow one reschedule if the appointment is rescheduled and upheld within 2 days of missed booking.   Below you will find a list of Conjure South Haus Readers and a link that will allow you to purchase a reading.

Walk-Ins are optional if time permits for the reader of your choice.

Lady Tess

Lady Tess, Gifted Tarot Diviner, Legendary Spoken Word Artist and Goddess of Sex Magic is a Mobile native. African Traditional Religious practitioner and devotee of Osun Lady Tess, has provided her community with spiritual and development prior to join Conjure South.  With 10 years of experience she has provided the Mobile and surrounding areas with her skills in Tarot divination and spiritual self care. Lady Tess is the owner of the metaphysical bath and body product line Melinated Mystics, sexually energized beauty products. The Lady Tess has been a Conjure South affiliate since 2018 and with excitement welcomes you for a reading.

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Arson is a local Ceremonial and Celtic-based practitioner in Mobile,AL for 10 years. Utilizing both natural and planetary forces to achieve balance and integrity in the lives personal,professionally and in the lives of others. Gifted in the tarot as Arson uses this skill to provide spiritual therapy, comfort and healing. In addition to providing the community with custom amulets and charms; he also leads rituals within the local pagan community, and specializes in cleansing, protection, love, healing, and prosperity magick.

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